U.S. Congress mandates that 100% of cargo loaded onto aircrafts originating in the US be screened at the piece-level. Transportation Security Administration created the Certified Cargo Screening Standard Security Program (CCSSP) to enable industry to achieve this cargo screening mandate. The CCSSP authorizes facilities to become Independent Cargo Screening Facilities.

Cargo Screening Solutions, Inc. is a TSA certified Independent Cargo Screening Facility. We provide electronic screening and physical inspections for all types of air cargo. We conduct screening at our secured facility in Seattle, WA just minutes from the airport.

We are serious about air cargo security. From securely picking up your cargo around the greater Puget Sound, to cargo screening and airport transfers under chain of custody, we keep your cargo moving, and the flying public safe.

Clients Served

  • Air Freight Shippers
  • Indirect Air Carriers (IAC)
  • International and Domestic Freight Forwarders
  • Air Carriers and Operators
  • Ground Transportation Companies
  • Manufacturers and 3PLs