ICSF Cargo Screening

Cargo Screening – Our Facility or Yours

Independent Cargo Screening Facility

We will screen your cargo at our fully equipped, Seattle-based ICSF. We will then build it up to TSA CCSSP security standards, initiate chain-of-custody methods and transfer your screened cargo to your freight forwarder or to a secured airport facility for loading.

On-Site Cargo Screening

If you prefer, we will screen your cargo at your facility in your Designated Screening Area (DSA) using our portable electronic screening equipment and trained screeners. We are currently the only ICSF providing on-site screening services.

CCSF Cargo Screeners

A key part of our services is our highly qualified, skilled and thoroughly trained screener teams. Our teams consist of a screening supervisor and one or more screeners to operate ETD and conduct physical searches.

Keep Your Cargo TSA Compliant

If you operate under the TSA Indirect Air Carrier Standard Security Program (IACSSP), their added amendments, or any other security program, CSS will ensure your shipment is compliant to all aspects of air carrier and governmental security procedures.

Cargo Security

TSA CCSSP wants to keep unauthorized items from getting INTO your shipment, we also want to keep items from getting OUT of your shipment. Our professional build up service provides for both.